what sundays look like

  • "donut" be afraid to jump in!

    Trying to sleep in?  Rushing to Church? Don't have time for breakfast? We've got your back! Every Sunday we start our morning by offering a selection of delicious donuts from our friends at New Day Bakery, and coffee from Ghost Town Roasters! 

  • connect kid check in

    We have something for everyone! Our Connect Kids team is ready to welcome your kiddos into age divided classrooms. Each classroom features worship, teaching, and activities designed to create a space for kiddos to experience the presence of God and learn about his heart for them. We believe God wants to encounter your kids just as much as he wants to encounter you!

  • singin' a new song

    Worship Time! We love to worship at Connect! We believe music has a special power to engage our minds and our hearts in reflection of who God is. Whether you are loud and off key, a silent swayer, into the oldies, or If you've never experienced worship like ours, don't worry you have a place here! No one will pressure you to participate in what we hope will be a time for you to observe, engage at your own pace, and connect to God. 

  • Getting in the word

    Each week we dive into scripture either by topic, or book in the Bible. We Believe that through the written word, and spoken word, that God has the power to impact and change our lives. We are all are learning more about who God is individually and together. Our teaching time, lead by teaching Pastors, helps challenge us to explore new and existing ideas we hold about God, wherever we are at in our faith. 

  • staying connected

    After the teaching, kiddos get picked up and we usually have one last worship song. We hope you stick around! Each week our team and church fam hangs around to pray, connect, and finish up some donuts! This time after service is a great time to meet new people, talk to pastors, and learn more about our various programs and opportunities we offer! Its our hope that no one is nameless at Connect Church! We want to meet you! 

We are a lively group of people that loves to worship God, hang out together, and have lots of fun. 

Our gatherings last about 90 minutes. We dress casually, our music is contemporary. We sing modern songs with a band, and we usually throw some oldies in there with the newer songs. We sing, clap, and raise our hands, all expressions of love for God.  You can expect to laugh a lot, learn a lot, and you might even shed a tear or two.